This letter will make you write a Job Getting Resume

Dear Job aspirant,

If you are not successful with your resume in 2018, this letter will make you write a job getting resume. The letter is for unsuccessful pros.

It will end the biggest problem of job applicants,

NO response NO Interview.

At the end of the year, you have many tips and advice about resume. I will not tell you anything on resume format, design, content size pages, fonts, color, etc.

The main reason for a resume failure is

A resume not customized for the job applied.

You are not approaching the companies the right way.

My goal is to make you free from resume worry so your job hunting will be natural and you get a job fast. And a warning, this is a serious issue affecting your career to spend time if you want to understand all aspects of the resume. I will talk

1. Job Scan

2. Recruiters

3. Hiring managers

4. Goal

5. Job Process

6. Resume industry

7. Positioning

8. Three Innovation

The 7th you never seriously think and 8th you will add to your resume to get an interview because you don’t have those elements on your resume.

Let us begin.

The Job Scene

You must understand the job Scene.

Total jobs are among industry segments big and small businesses. Half of the posts are from the small sector. Here if we consider a small business that has less than 50 employees their share comes to one-third business.

You should know where you are trying to get a job.

Hiring Basic

Every Hiring Is Different

The procedures for hiring are different for every company. You hardly pay attention to it. The company has a specific requirement, and you must meet it. If you meet, you have a chance to get a job. They each have different ways to evaluate and select the candidates.

The size of the company you are applying is the primary factor for the difference. But one universal truth is you have to convince hiring managers irrespective of the size of the firm.

Almost half of the jobs are from the small scale that is not having regular HR practices. One-third of businesses are of less than 50 employees, and they hardly have an Application Tracking System — ATS, and a recruiter.


LinkedIn is full of pros stories with experiences of recruiters. They are essential, so you understand their working. The key is your suitability for the job, and you should accept the fact that unless you match their company’s criteria, you will not get a response.

Your resume is the first contact with them so spend time with a recruiter whose requirement you meet.

If you do, then you have a chance. Now you have to attract them and create an interest in you through your resume.

How will you do it?

Well, as said you have 6 seconds to convince recruiters that you are worth considering. You do it, then they will read your resume. If you convince them that you have the necessary skills company is looking you clear one gate.

Hiring Managers

Next, are hiring managers. They are a hard nut to crack. I love them and urge you to love hiring managers. At least your fear for them is unfounded which I see among majority applicants.

You know hiring managers have one big problem?

Ask any HR pro, and he/she will say “We hardly get good candidates.”

You should be happy that they have this problem. It’s your opportunity. They want ‘Good’ candidate.

The issue is applying for the right job. Most applicants who are not successful 95% never match their skill and experience with job requirement.

I wonder how one applies to 100+ jobs. It’s insane to do it after 5 or say 10 applications. There must be something wrong with you why you spend time and money when you don’t get results.

Please understand it’s not a number game. It’s a matching game, and you will know it when you finish this letter.

I believe you all have the skills needed by companies.

The Goal

Know to whom you are writing

The first thing is to know you are writing to the company and what required for a resume.

Unless you have a clear job in mind to apply, you will hardly succeed in your effort.

Let us see your search journey.

You start your job search.

College/university placement service, Job sites, Craigslist, LinkedIn, company sites, friends, etc. are options you explore.

And Applications — applications and more applications but results are hard to come.

One view is

• 72% of jobs not advertised

• Networking is the way

The most common advice to job hunter is to have

• Professional profile

• Excellent resume

• Social media presence

Does any of it work in getting you a job?

Well, it will help, but the fact is you need a resume whatever way you go Advertisement, Network, or Reference.

A common way of working on a resume goes a bit like this:

1. State all your facts in sections Education, Experience, Award — Prize, Writing, Co-Curricular Activity, etc.

2. Adjust font sizes, layout adjustment fixes grammar errors, and make sure it has the bullet points.

3. Give a title to the resume

4. Check for accuracy of contact info.

5. Submit

It won’t work there is much more to resume. Keep reading.

Job Process

The application goes through three stages


• Recruiter

• Hiring manager

ATS application tracking system matches applications with the company’s requirements and selects relevant resumes. It uses keywords to short out suitable candidates.

The recruiter is the first human interaction for you. He/she will short what hiring manager asked them to find. They go for suitable candidates and scanning title, company, an experience they shortlist candidates.

The hiring manager is the final authority to decide whom to hire. He/she looks for your suitability to the job. You have to sell yourself that you are the right fit for the job.

Resume Industry

There is a big industry shouting for various designs, templates and formats for resumes. You shell out $50+ to get a resume in minutes as they claim.

The effective way is you do two things

1. Tell upfront to HR Managers what you contribute to them? The headline will do it.

2. Tell your experience with success stories because HR managers look for achievements and action takers.

In the above scenario, you should have a good resume. Here is my take on Job Getting Resume.

To have success you

1. Define the job/post/company you want to apply

2. Decide your positioning

3. Match job functions and your skill set

You should match the job requirement and choose the job. And position yourself.


HR Manager wants to know

Who are you and why you are fit for the job?

There may be hundreds of applicants, but you can shine out when you position yourself. You should not only position yourself but also define and tell how you are different.

Let us put your resume to work for you.

Think you are meeting HR manager of the company you are applying. A resume is you in person virtually.

What do you do when you meet someone? OR what you say when someone asks you what you do?

Most of us say something like, ‘I am a lawyer,’ ‘I am an engineer.’

Examples of Conversation with an HR Manager

Example One

Q: Hi Mukesh, what do you do?

Mukesh: I do exciting online advertising and bring $2 for every $1 spends.

Q: How do you do that?

Mukesh: I use compelling headlines to help businesses get their message across. I am a trained headline writer.

(This is you explain a process. Now the manager is interested. He is nodding and wants to know more. So, keep talking.

Headlines are 80% responsible for reading your message. It is Your Positioning Statement. Because headlines are, a visual and people tend to relate to them. Finally, give them a result.)

At, an affiliate network how we solved high click costs by getting 10%+ CTR for Adwords campaigns. (A success from your experience)

Example Two

Now let us look at an average conversation

Q: Hi Mukesh, what do you do?

Mukesh: I do advertising.

Q: That’s cool. Which newspapers and magazines do you do?

It’s now too late to steer the discussion because it’s already taken a different track.

In the first conversation, I could control the line of questioning. It ensured that my message got through undiluted.

You know now why this positioning is so vital.

Job description you are applying to can give you a lot of the keywords. Spend some time evaluating their website and the job description.

Resume must have

  1. Headline
  2. Work Title
  3. Story

Here is how you put a headline

I am sure you have heard how you only have a few seconds to get a hiring manager’s attention with your resume. Let us not debate it is 12 seconds or 8 seconds.

I tell you how to get 100% attention.

Put a Headline, Period.

In the headline, you communicate key accomplishments, your branding statement, and critical information you do not want the employer to miss. It is not just what you say but how you say it.

Keep in mind that whoever reviews your resume first will typically scan it for critical information. The first thing people read is your first line.

First 50 words are crucial, and they must be your branding statement.

This exact reason is why newspapers and news articles start with a great headline, give the most critical facts first. Start with your branding statement and make it answer the HR Manager’s questions.

“Why should I care?” or “What’s in it for me?”

Answering these questions first gives the HR Managers precisely what they need to know up front; then they can choose to keep on reading.

Headlines I used.

1. What By Not Hiring (Name) (Company Name) will Loose — New Customers

2. Do (Company Name) want to be in Ink 500? — Hire (Name) founder (Company Name) 2015 Ink 500 company.

3. 30% cost reduction is Routine for (Name) Production Pro Par Excellence.

And write a story.


Share situation or problem and the action you took to address it, and the result. Write the result by sharing how it positively affected your employer.

Tell a story, and give the manager context. When writing your experiences, it is best to lead with the result to the employer because this is usually quantifiable.

My Example

Allow me to say my boss our President called me Hawk. It is because I changed his mind for scheduling and bidding ads with data from analytics he never used to have and make every campaign profitable.

I prepared clicks figures for our search campaign for a month, and that gave real insight to when we get traffic.

Date 9AM 11AM 1PM 3PM 5PM 7PM 9PM 11PM

• Ad campaigns were not profitable.

• Personally convinced President with data for the change in budget and spending practices.

• Campaigns turned profitable.

Once you have your situation, action, and a result you can write a story and add Situation, effort, and effects as bullets. Put them together to create bullet points.

These I explain with my experience. Now let me show you how I do for clients with their version and my job getting the version. You decide which is better and adopt if you feel it will make a difference.

You read a lot about top or above the fold portion of a resume is very important. I ask you to add

1. Headline

2. Functional Title

3. Story.

Headline and Title

Example of a headline and work title: Left is client’s and right is my suggested. You must tell upfront what you give to the company and why you are good and meet their criteria.

The headline will get attention but let me show you how you will stand out and be in recruiters and hiring managers radar before they even read your resume?

You will save your resume with a name I give. See why?

Nowadays you send resume via an email as an attachment. So file attached will be shown as per the file name you saved it. It could be many things. I won’t cite funny file names but assume you gave your name, as most people do and your file will be visible in an email.

(Your Name) resume docx

Now think you will give the name as per the title I suggest, and I always give functional names, your file name will be

(Your Name) zero defect production pro resume docx for a production position OR

(Your Name) sales achiever resume docx for a sales position

Think what will recruiter or hiring manager will feel when they see your resume for the first time?

What will interest them? Your distinct, unique title or name resumes?

The example resume is of an IT pro.


Most of you write,





What wrong with this?

Nothing wrong but there is a better way to the interest hiring manager, and it’s a Branding story.

You make general statements. A hundred others also claim super work done.

The branding should read like it fulfills the company’s potential employee’s job requirement. It has few bullets and a statement.

Example of branding story: Left is clients and right is my created.


I am sure you put in a lot of effort for first college admission application and wrote its essay.

You proudly wrote you played for a county or country. It’s not a typo; you achieved something. It is not only showing your wins you put an extra effort to write an excellent essay. You search university for how to write a unique piece. Talk to friends, dad and visit relative also to get a good idea for your theme.

Now tell me how much effort you do for an application?

Dear job seeker I give you enough to work. Hope this helps. You reading still mean you are serious. So I suggest my resume creator. It is an excellent resource to keep. You will transform your resume in an hour.

You will add the three elements which add power to your resume. Your resume will be a two-page document most HR pros prefer. You will keep experience, education, etc. of your resume. You will make an irresistible resume which you will need many times in your career. Get Resume Creator

Thanks for reading this letter and please write your comments. We learn from comments.




Resume & LinkedIn Profile writer | I help experienced career aspirants to get higher-level jobs and break the 100K mark with five innovative elements.

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Mukesh Shah

Mukesh Shah

Resume & LinkedIn Profile writer | I help experienced career aspirants to get higher-level jobs and break the 100K mark with five innovative elements.

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